Simple API requests with many output customizations, access to over 1k images and a dashboard with statistics as well as useful information.

What is the Kawaii API?

The Kawaii API is a random image API mainly created for use in Discord bots. With the wide selection of different anime images, many different commands can be created. The biggest advantage of using this API instead of collecting the images yourself is that new images are added all the time. The images are regularly checked for errors and all images have a perfect resolution so they don't take too long to load or are too small for the use on Discord.

Why should I use the Kawaii API?

Well if you don't like anime you don't need to read any further, if you like anime this API is perfect for you. You don't have to be a developer to use this API, if you are just interested in looking through some anime images you are welcome to do so. If you are a developer then you love to save your work, don't you? That's what this API is for, to save you time because it's really no fun to collect thousands of images together believe me I have experience. In any case, this API allows you to request a wide variety of anime gifs and freely implement them in your bot. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can have a look at the example on the main page or invite the example bot. 

How do I use the API?

It's all simple website requests where the answer from the web server depending on the output just needs to be read out and can be used directly. The API is kept as simple as possible, so there is a standard output from each endpoint, but also the possibility to specify additional arguments. If a request goes empty or an error occurs you can easily check in the dashboard if it was an API error or if the request was incorrect.

What is the token for?

The token is there to assign requests to a Discord user to be able to show the stats in the dashboard of the user. No personal data is stored and the more detailed stats are deleted after a short time. If you still don't want to log in you can just write "anonymous" instead of the token, of course this will remove any kind of stats and also the error support.

I have an idea but there is no endpoint for it.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, any wishes or want to have another endpoint you are welcome to express this in the #suggestions channel on the support server. Your suggestion will be processed and implemented as soon as possible if it is accepted. Please make sure that this is a sfw API.

I have problems with the API / Website.

If you have problems with the API or website you can contact us via email or Discord and we will help you. If it's about using the API please check the documentation first and try it yourself before asking us the same question as 4 others before you.