The random Image API for Discord Bots

Simple API requests with many output customizations, access to over 1k images and a dashboard with statistics as well as useful information.

Start using the API:









Usage Ideas

Roleplay Commands

Use the large amount of different gifs to offer many roleplay commands with your bot. Roleplay commands are very popular among the Anime Discord bots. If you have an idea for a roleplay command and there is no endpoint for it you are welcome to contact us. The api is constantly expanding in the amount of gifs as well as endpoints.

Kawaii API hugs someone
Kawaii API Hug
Welcome new member
Kawaii API Wave

Welcome Message

Welcome the new users on a server with a random gif and bring some variation in the boring welcome message so that not every one looks the same. For example, use a simple wave gif to say hello to the new user or hug them directly with a hug gif.

Get Started

Get An Idea

Everything starts with an idea take a look at the API priview and think about how you can best use the API. Feel free to share your ideas with us we appreciate any feedback.


Read The Docs

Just read our documentation and think about it, the API is very easy to use so it shouldn't be too bad to have a quick look. The API has some possibilities to custimize the output.


Implement The Idea

Implement the idea in your Discord bot. To get an API token just log in and look at the dashboard there you will find the token and some stats about your API account.