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The random Image API for Discord Bots

Easily make API requests with various output customization options, access a collection of over 1k images, and use a user-friendly dashboard for statistics and helpful information.

Start using the API:



Designed primarily for Discord bots, the Kawaii API is a random image API that offers a diverse range of anime images, providing ample material to create various commands. Utilizing this API brings the notable benefit of constant updates with fresh images, eliminating the need for manual collection. Moreover, these images undergo regular quality checks, ensuring optimal resolution for swift loading and suitable sizing, ideal for seamless integration within Discord.









Roleplay Commands

Leverage a vast collection of diverse gifs to offer a wide range of captivating roleplay commands through your bot. With an abundance of animated visuals at your disposal, users can dive into an expansive realm of imaginative interactions. Enhance the interactive experience by integrating a multitude of gifs, allowing your bot to provide an extensive selection of roleplay options, sparking creativity and enjoyment for users.

Kawaii API hugs someone
A random anime hug gif to demonstrate the api
Welcome new member
A random anime hug gif to demonstrate the api

Welcome Message

Enhance the welcoming experience for new users by incorporating a random wave gif into your messages. This delightful addition brings a touch of variety and excitement to your greetings, ensuring each user receives a unique and engaging welcome. Let the animated waves create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making your users feel appreciated and valued right from the start.


Get An Idea

Begin by exploring the provided example bot, and consider how you can leverage the API for your own purposes.


Read The Docs

Review our documentation and see how user-friendly our API is. Take a quick look to get an idea how it works.


Implement The Idea

To implement the idea in your project, log into the dashboard where you will find the API token along with some statistics.